Monday, July 30, 2007

Vaselines / Beat Happening - Live in London Cassette (1991)

Heres a rare one for ya!
A rare split cassette release of the Vaselines and Beat Happening Live in London, England 1988.
Vaselines - Live in London 16/6/88
01. Dying for It
02. The Day I Was a Horse
03. Sex Sux
04. Let's Get Ugly
05. Molly's Lips
06. Teenage Superstars
Beat Happening - Live in London 16/6/88
07. I Love You
08. Knick Knack
09. See Babies
10. Cast a Shadow
11. Bad Seeds


Sailormom said...

Thanks! I've never heard any live Vaselines. I'm looking forward to it.

Mikey B. said...

would you please re-post this? Please!!!!!!

Jeff said...

I have been seeking a copy of this tape for years. I had an original at one time and lost it. I ran into Calvin this summer shortly after the Vaselines played the Sub Pop 20th Anniversary Festival and asked him if he'd consider re-issuing it. He said he was.

Anonymous said...

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