Friday, July 20, 2007

Melvins - King Buzzo (1992)

Back in 1992 when we were all 15 years younger, a band by the name of the MELVINS decided to copy their heroes (KISS) and release solo albums (or E.P's), so King Buzzo, Dale Crover and Joe Preston (bassist at the time) did just that. The highlight of the three albums is King Buzzo, joined on the disc by a guy by the name of Dale Nixon, who in actual fact is Dave Grohl, the drummer from that Nirvana band and the lead singer, guitarist from that ordinary band The Foo Fighters. There is a duet on this EP, some noise, some more noise and a quite amusing spoken word like track with Dave, I mean Dale Nixon telling a story set to some heavy metal music, enjoy because if you don't you'll make baby Jesus cry.

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Angryblue said...

i love your blog. Thanks for the patton/Jamie Saft dylan cover. i can't stop listening to it.