Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dinosaur Jr - Change of Heart (Tom Petty)

Change of Heart (originally by Tom Petty) by Dinosaur Jr on Triple J's Like A Version on the 5/7/07 on the radio in Australia.


Vombie Zomit Blog said...

I removed this and put it in the comments because it was stupid.

This is Dinosaur Jr from Triple J's Like A Version, where artists cover a tune by another group live on the radio on Triple J, Australian radio. This was recorded today or yesterday and I offer it to you exclusively and I am drunk because I drank some alcohol and didn't do much else, I will be seeing dino jr 12th July at the Forum in the worlds most liveable city Melbourne with my brother Stephen and my friend Ben so suck on that ya bastards!!!! so this is Dinosaur Jr covering Tom Petty's Change of Heart on triple J's Like A version today or yesterday with a bit of an interview and some other shit after the performance. I haven't edited it yet so it goes for like 10 minutes, download it now and listen to it, you'll love it and I'm gonna see Dinosaur Jr soon, in about 5 days I think but don't quote me on that and I hate Tom Cruise and any other people that I hate, the world doesn't need people who are stupid as they just take up space, I like noise but when it becomes too noisy I like to sleep which I will do now as I am tired and that is all I wrote. Click on the title and you will be taken to a magical place of magic and colourful stuff which will make you open your eyes and see it with your eyes and listen to the Dinosaur play the music that they do and I will be asleep with the fishes but not literally as I will actually be in my bed and warm because it is so cold and winter is awful but alright at the same time and Dinsaur Jr play Change of Heart by Tom Petty on Aussie radio and it is good with the band and a song that they play. Is it time for bed yet? And can you point me towards the closest doctor as my arms are hurting. Is it normal to go to Greece and want to leave as soon as you get there because Dinosaur Jr are on Triple J playing a Tom Petty song by Dinoaur Jr on Like A Version today or tomorrow, enjoy.

Bionic Ninja said...

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD pleeeeeeeeease re-up this!!! Pretty please?