Friday, June 12, 2009

Faith No More - Download Festival 2009

Go here:
For Faith No More set plus a bunch of other stuff.
& Go here:
For video's etc...

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hey I was looking on the interrornet and found that some people had requested stuff from this blog, some more than a year ago. Although I'm a lazy prick who doesn't really care I will respond to requests if any. I no longer post anything that is copyrighted, like actual released stuff but I don't give a fuck and will do so if anyone is desperate. I do often download music as I don't have 7 million dollars to buy every fucking CD I want to hear, I buy shit I love, at the moment it's Animal Collective, Lanegan and Patton still, Tera Melos, M. Ward, I Love Zooey Deschanel etc etc etc who gives a rats ass. Anyway what's going on with you, oh yeah your sitting there looking at a computer screen, isn't it awesome all this information. Anyway this is rubbish I just thought I'd write something because I'm bored right now although How I Met Your Mother Is On and I'm gonna go watch that right now. Long live someone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Animal Collective - My Girls Remixes etc...

Here are a bunch of 'My Girls' remixes i've found at various places
on the interrornet, plus a few other remixes. Enjoy!

01. My Girls (Gigamesh 'Proper House' Remix)
03. My Girls (Swine Forkbeard Remix)
04. My Girls (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)
05. My Girls (Mexicans With Guns Remix)
06. My Girls (Dave Wrangler Remix)
07. My Girls (Straight Up! Remix)
08. Taste (607 Remix)
09. No More Runnin (Friendly Foliage Remix)
10. Mirando (Animal Collective Remix) (by Ratatat)
11. Little Bird (Animal Collective Remix) (by Goldfrapp)
12. Lion In A Coma (BBC Version 25/1/09)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Faith No More - Santiago, Chile 8/9/95

Faith No More - Monsters of Rock 1995
Santiago, Chile 8/9/95

Video: MPG, 320x240 (1350kbps)
Audio: 44100hz, 16bps, 2ch (224kbps)
Length: 1:04:49
Bitrate: 1597kbps
Size: 740 Mb

01 - Ricochet
02 - Be Aggresive
03 - Midlife Crisis
04 - What A Day
05 - Evidence
06 - Surprise! You're Dead
07 - We Care A Lot
08 - Easy
09 - Introduce Yourself
10 - Glory Box (Portishead Cover)
11 - Get Out
12 - Caffeine
13 - Epic
14 - Digging The Grave
15 - Just A Man
16 - Back For Good & I Started A Joke
17 - From Out Of Nowhere

I've got this one on video, remember it to be a great show.
Excellent Spanish version of Evidence, some interesting
covers and shit loads of spit aimed at Mike Patton's