Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Greatest of the Greatest!!!

I must admit I get obsessed with bands and artists and I spend
far too much money on CD's, 7-inches and music related DVD's.
Oh yeah, I also download far too much music (of the bands and
artists I'm obsessed with). It's an illness, a serious illness I'm sure
some of you are familar with, I can't stop, I don't have much $$$
but what I do have (well not all of it) I spend on music. The time
I spend on the internet downloading albums, concerts, DVD's is
such a waste of time, I could be spending this time doing home-
work or searching for a job or something useful, half the shit I
download I don't even listen too, it just sits there and I look at
it pleased that I found it, pleased I didn't pay for it (but I do buy
the albums etc of the artists that i mentioned I'm obsessed with).
So... well i've gotten that out of my system, I thought i'd share
that with you, the reader, the only reader, whoever you are?????
Anyway here's my top 5 favourite bands / artists who I'm sure
benefit financially from my obsession / illness, whatever you
want to call it. Also if you check the comments of this post there
is one song by each artist, some of them quite rare, hard to find
tracks that other fans of these artists would appreciate, or that
people who have never heard these groups may enjoy...........
This list is in no specific order:


Born November 25th, 1964 in Ellensburg, Washington, Lanegan was formally the lead singer for country-tinged hard rockers Screaming Trees (1986-1999). His solo career began with the release of his debut album "The Winding Sheet" in 1990 and his first solo show was as support for Johnny Cash in 1995. His 2nd album (one of his many masterpiece's) "Whisky for the Holy Ghost" was released in 1993, followed by "Scraps At Midnight" in 1998, a cover's album, "I'll Take Care of You" (1999), "Field Songs" in 2001 and his most recent solo effort "Bubblegum" in 2004. Mark is one of the busiest entertainers around recording with such artists as Steve Fisk, The Walkabouts, Mike Watt, Earthlings?, Masters of Reality, Mondo Generator, Eagles of Death Metal (+ many, many more), and has recorded albums with Isobel Campbell (formally of Belle & Sebastian) and The Soulsavers (2007's "It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land"). He has also appeared as a official member of Queens of the Stone Age and The Twilight Singers, recording and performing with both acts around the world. Lanegan's most recent release is the album "It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land" by the Soulsavers, a gospel-esque, electronic effort which is classic Lanegan, by any hard-core fans standards. Mark Lanegan keeps on challenging his audience and never falters, he has covered genres such as blues, gospel, hard rock, heavy metal, electro, folk, country, pop + other's that can't be categorized. Mark Lanegan is my favourite singer, artist, songwriter and I can't see anyone in the world who will ever surpass him. The song featured is the most recent release from him, a b-side for the "Revival" single by the Soulsavers, it's a little blues number, a cover titled "Blues Run The Game" (a song that "Mark Lanegan Band" has featured in live shows over the years).


Tex, Don & Charlie are a country-blues-rock super group consisting of members of some of Australia's most well respected bands (Beasts of Bourbon, Cold Chisel, The New Christs). Founded in 1992 after Tex Perkins (The Cruel Sea, Beasts of Bourbon, Thug, Salamander Jim, The Butcher Shop, Dark Horses etc etc) witnessed the intense guitar-prowess of Charlie Owen (The New Christs, Beasts of Bourbon, Tendrils, Dark Horses) live and swore he would work with him one day. Sure enough Perkins was presented with the opportunity of working with Don Walker (Cold Chisel) whom was performing in a group called Cat Fish with Charlie Owen, Perkins agreed to work with Don but only if Charlie was there, thus began the long dis-jointed career of Australia's greatest group TEX, DON & CHARLIE. Tex, Don & Charlie's long career has produced 2 perfect studio albums full of rich Australian songs, and 1 live album which displays their live brilliance. All 3 members are old hats in the Oz music industry, as mentioned, performing in many groups, Charlie Owen is also a well respected session musician who has appeared on albums by Kim Salmon (Scientists), Spencer P. Jones, Conway Savage, and his Tex, Don & Charlie co-horts Tex Perkins (as part of Tex Perkins' Dark Horses, along with Joel Silbersher (God, Hoss), his partner in the Aria award winning Tendrils) and Don Walkers most recent solo effort. Tex Perkins is also a brilliant solo performer with 3 albums under his belt and is the lead singer of hard rockers The Beasts of Bourbon. Don Walker's songwriting credits with Cold Chisel include the hit singles "Flame Trees," "Saturday Night," "Choirgirl," (a teary ballad about abortion) "Breakfast At Sweethearts," "Cheap Wine," and the iconic Australian Vietnam war song "Khe Sanh" (voted the 8th greatest Australian song of all time by the Australian Performing Rights Association). Tex, Don & Charlie released "Sad But True" in 1993, live album "Monday Morning Coming Down" in 1995 and then took a break, remaining in contact and finally releasing "All Is Forgiven" in 2005 (which was 5 years in the making). The song featured here, "Blind Willie McTell" is a rare Bob Dylan cover from a compilation entitled "Totally Wireless: Triple J's Acoustic Sessions" released in 1994.


Smudge is a Sydney power pop punk band who formed in 1991 encouraged by Nic Dalton, founder of Half A Cow Records and former member of The Lemonheads, The Hummingbirds and Godstar (to name a few). The group is/was? fronted by Tom Morgan (Godstar, Sneeze, Givegoods) who is well known as the co-author of some of the Lemonheads biggest hits. Initially the group formed only to contribute a song to the Half A Cow 7-inch compilation, "Slice". The band went on to record the "Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan" 7" single which was soon made John Peel's record of the week. On the back of this success, several more releases followed, then in 1994 bassist Paul Duncan left the band to complete his business studies degree and was replaced by former Headache bassist, Adam Yee. From late October 1999 till 2002 the band went on an extended hiatus while drummer Alison Galloway went trekking across the world. Effectively on-hold for good, the band re-united for a few select Sydney and Melbourne shows at the end of 2004. Smudge rock and speaking of my obsession with certain artists I am still trying to collect many of their releases. Smudge have released 3 studio albums: "Manilow" (1993), "You, Me, Carpark... Now!" (1996), "Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra" (1998), 2 mini-albums: Hot Smoke & Sassafras (1994), Big City Poontang (1995), several E.P's, singles and 2 compilation albums: Tea, Toasts & Tumoil (1993) and Mo' Poontang (1997). The song featured here is my favourite Smudge track, "Tenderfoot", the version here is a re-recorded US version that featured on the "Mike Love Not War" EP (1996), the original version is from "Hot Smoke & Sassafras" (1994), my favourite Smudge album or mini-album, yeah (portions of this bio are from Wikipedia).

The other 2 in my top 5 are Mike Patton (who's work is really too much to write about) who is best known as the singer for Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Lovage and Peeping Tom. The track featured here is from one of Patton's many guest appearance's, "Ballad of A Thin Man", a Bob Dylan cover by The Jamie Saft Trio (with Patton on vocals) from the album, "Trouble: The Jamie Saft Trio Plays Bob Dylan" (2006). Lou Barlow is from Deep Wound, Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, The Folk Implosion and Sentridoh and the track featured is called "Blown Pony", from the More of Our Stupid Noise Compilation (1996). Links in comments.

Friday, April 20, 2007

New Race - The First and The Last (1982)

New Race is a band consisting of members of RADIO BIRDMAN, the STOOGES & the MC5. New Race only toured once, didn't record any albums or e.p's (I think?), and played the songs (live!) of the groups above, who this group consists of members of... Rob Younger Sings, Warwick Gilbert plays bass, Deniz Tek plays guitar (Radio Birdman), Dennis Thompson (MC5) plays the drums and Ron Asheton (Stooges) plays the guitar also. I've supplied you with the front and back covers of this CD and also the inner liner notes written by Deniz Tek. Read the liner notes for more information.

01. Crying Sun
02. Haunted Road
03. Gotta Keep Movin'
04. Breaks My Heart
05. Sad TV
06. Loose
07. November 22, 1963
08. Love Kills
09. Alone In The Endzone
10. Looking At You
11. Columbia

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Essential Radio Birdman

The Essential Radio Birdman 1974-78
01. Aloha Steve and Dano
02. Murder City Nights
03. New Race
04. Love Kills
05. Descent Into The Maelstrom
06. Burn My Eye '78
07. I-94
08. Anglo Girl Desire
09. Hand Of Law
10. Snake
11. Do The Pop
12. Non-Stop Girls
13. What Gives?
14. Man With Golden Helmet
15. Hanging On
16. Crying Sun
17. Smith & Wesson Blues
18. Time To Fall
19. Alone In The Endzone
20. Breaks My Heart (Live)
21. More Fun (Live)
22. Dark Surprise (Live)

Friday, April 6, 2007

Playlist April 2007

Here's some songs that i've been listening to recently:

01. Truly - Hazel (from the album "Toreador" 1993)
02. We Had Love - Scientists ("Absolute" 1991)
03. Greatest Gift - Scratch Acid ("The Greatest Gift" 1991)
04. The Low Road - Beasts of Bourbon ("The Low Road" 1991)
05. She's Hit - The Birthday Party ("John Peel Session" 1981)
06. One Way Street - Saints ("I'm Stranded" 1977)
07. Over The Edge - Wipers ("Over The Edge" 1983)
08. Revolve - Melvins ("Live at Bob's Garage" 1995)
09. Did You Miss Me - Young Gods with Fantomas ("Live" 2005)
10. Coprolalia - You Am I with Tex Perkins ("Live" 2005)

Click on the title of this post (Playlist April 2007) to download.

SMUDGE - Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan

Heres another song that has a link between The Go-Betweens and Smudge. It's called "Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan". It is a song performed by Smudge, and is not a Go-Betweens cover but an original song written by Tom Morgan, about his struggles with song writing, that the songs he writes sound too much like Grant McLennan songs (who is from The Go-Betweens and has passed away). I think that's what it's about anyway, that will do, sounds like fun to me. The "Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan" 7" was released in January of 1991, which is a long time ago now. Enjoy, this and the other song are great tunes, seriously I'm hard pressed to find a bad song out of the two of these songs, that have a link between the Go-Betweens and Smudge.


On Saturday 6th May 2006, almost 1 year ago, Australian singer songwriter Grant W. McLennan died in his sleep at his home in Brisbane. I'm not too much of a fan of the Go-Betweens but my favourite Australian band is SMUDGE. So here is a song by SMUDGE from "Right Here: A Go-Betweens Tribute Album" released on CD in Australia by Hippy Knight Records in 1996. The song is called "I Just Get Caught Out". Above is the cover of "Right Here: A Go-Betweens Tribute", which has the song "I Just Get Caught Out", performed by the greatest band in the world "SMUDGE", on it!


ELECTRORETARD (2001) Mansruin Records

01. Shit Storm
02. Youth of America (Wipers)
03. Gluey Porch Treatment (New and Improved Version)
04. Revolve (New and Improved Version)
05. Missing (Cows)
06. Lovely Butterflies (New and Improved Version)
07. Tipping The Lion (New and Improved Version)
08. Intersteller Overdrive (Pink Floyd)

This album/ep/mini-album/whatever was released in 2001
by Mansruin Records. It is a sort-of mini-compilation of
covers and reworked versions of some of their older tunes.
Buzzo plays the guitar and sings, Dale plays drums and also
sings, Kevin plays the bass on most songs but not on Tipping
the Lion, Interstellar Overdrive and Shitstorm, bass on these
tracks was played by Mark D.


Artist: Various Artists
Album: We Reach:
The Music Of The Melvins
Source: CD
Year: 2005


01. (00:03:00) Mare - Nightgoat
02. (00:02:41) The Dillinger Escape Plan - Honey Bucket
03. (00:04:29) Mastodon - The Bit
04. (00:03:59) Strapping Young Lad - Zodiac
05. (00:01:15) Pig Destroyer - Claude
06. (00:01:27) High On Fire & Keelhaul - Oven
07. (00:06:15) Meatjack - Shevil
08. (00:03:21) Strapadon Factory - Joan Of Arc
09. (00:09:01) Isis & Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Boris
10. (00:04:30) Absentee - Revolve
11. (00:03:11) Eyehategod - Easy As It Was
12. (00:04:30) Dog Fashion Disco - Anaconda
13. (00:01:15) Disengage - Raise A Paw
14. (00:05:22) Blessing The Hogs - Hog Leg
15. (00:02:40) CKY & Gnarkill - Laughing With Lucifer At Satan's Sideshow
16. (00:02:48) Maritime Murder - Copache
17. (00:02:47) Made Out Of Babies - Bar-X-The Rocking M
18. (00:02:51) Pincer 2 - Echohead/Don’t Piece Me

Playing Time: 01:05:21

Download Links:
(Just highlight and cut, or right click and go to address)

A tribute to the greatest band in the world by all 'your' favourite
bands, who you have all heard of and have every idea who they
are, as they are all 'your' favourite bands. Who you love. And NO!
all the bands are not named after melvins songs, and the songs
they play are not ones you've never heard of, the bands name is
first then a line and then the track name, it's pretty simple. Also
the track length is shown in 24 hour format as I'm sure there is
a secret song performed by Bryan Adams that goes for over 19
hours after the last song. Enjoy, or Not, It's Your Choice... or Not!


The Melvins Live at Slims was recorded 17th June 1999
at Slims in San Francisco. Live at Slims was released on
8-Track by LIFE IS ABUSE RECORDS in 2000.

01. Manky 4:29
02. See How Pretty, See How Smart 8:12
03. amazon 2:09
04. AMAZON 4:57
05. Let It All Be 4:15
06. Let God Be Your Gardener 2:54
07. Hog Leg 3:56
08. With Teeth 3:30
09. The Bit 4:57
10. The Bloat 4:16
11. The Green Manalishi 5:58
12. Lovely Butterfly 1:51
13. Jew Boy Flowerhead 5:32
14. Eye Flies 14:22
password: 07bb07


Leech is a bootleg 12" released by Egg One Records in 1996. The album comprises 7-inches, B-Sides, Soundtrack and Compilation tracks, Live songs and hard to find recordings. The password is 2239@home so download it, listen to it and don't tell anyone, as your life may depend on 'it'. 'It' refers to not telling anyone, but I guess you could tell your family and friends, BUT NO ONE ELSE. On second thought tell who you like, tell everyone. The melvins are good!

02-way of the world
04-forgotten principles
06-with yo' heart, not yo' hands
07-four letter woman
08-anal satan
09-venus in furs
10-sweet young thing aint sweet no more
12-your blessened
13-pronoun piece me
15-love canal
16-god of thunder
17-ever since my accident
18-rocket reducer #62
19-lexicon devel
20-instant larry
21-adolescent wet dream

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Birthday Party - It's Still Living

This album is a live recording of The Birthday Party at the Astor
Theatre, Melbourne in January of 1982. Released in 1985.

King Ink
Zoo Music Girl
The Dim Locator
She's Hit
A Dead Song
Pleasure Heads
Blast Off
Release the Bars
Nick the Stripper
Big Jesus Trash Can
Dead Joe
Pass: overhere