Friday, April 6, 2007

SMUDGE - Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan

Heres another song that has a link between The Go-Betweens and Smudge. It's called "Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan". It is a song performed by Smudge, and is not a Go-Betweens cover but an original song written by Tom Morgan, about his struggles with song writing, that the songs he writes sound too much like Grant McLennan songs (who is from The Go-Betweens and has passed away). I think that's what it's about anyway, that will do, sounds like fun to me. The "Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan" 7" was released in January of 1991, which is a long time ago now. Enjoy, this and the other song are great tunes, seriously I'm hard pressed to find a bad song out of the two of these songs, that have a link between the Go-Betweens and Smudge.

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Maury Souza said...

Hey, is this link no longer available? I've been curious about this song for quite a while?

Great blog by the way!