Wednesday, September 26, 2007

BATTLES Live 25th Sept. East Brunswick Club

I saw Battles last night at the East Brunswick Club and it was fantastic, I expected alot and got what I expected. Highlights of the show were Atlas (of course), Tonto, Hi / Lo & Tras, which coincidently are some of my favourite tracks off the EP C / B EP compilation and the Mirrored LP. I attended the gig with a friend of mine who was on a short visit from Japan, having introduced him to the bands music a few days earlier he was equally impressed with the performance. We had a short conversation with Battles guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Tyondai Braxton and he informed us that the group were on their way to Japan after a visit to Brisbane. So my friend Cameron will hopefully see them again Saturday night, and I'm jealous, but i'll get over it. I took some shitty photo's last night, the one below is BATTLES written in some form of Japanese, thanks to Cameron for pointing that one out.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Cloroform - Clean (2007)

Børge Fjordheim- drums, vox
Øyvind Storesund - bass, vox
John Erik Kaada - clavinet, vox
Cloroform are from Norway and they are a bit strange.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beat Happening / Screaming Trees 12" (1988)

Beat Happening / Screaming Trees - Beat Happening / Screaming Trees, a collaboration between Lee Conner, Heather Lewis, Mark Pickerel, Bret Lunsford, Van Conner, Mark Lanegan and Calvin Johnson, a co-release between K and Homestead Records, April 1988. Released on 12" vinyl and CD.
A1. Sea Babies
A2. Tales Of Brave Aphrodite
B1. Polly Pereguin
B2. I Dig You

Afterhours - Ballads For Little Hyenas (2006)

Afterhours - Ballads For Little Hyenas (2006)
01. The Thin White Line
02. Ballad For My Little Hyena
03. The Ending Is The Greater
04. There's Many Ways
05. White Widow
06. Fresh Flesh
07. Sparkle
08. Desire Froze Here
09. The Bed
10. Judas' Blood
11. Andrea's Birthday
The first english language album from this Italian band. Greg Dulli
from The Twilight Singers makes an appearance, as he was a member
of the group at the time of this albums release.

Beasts of Bourbon - Just Right E.P (1992)

Beasts Of Bourbon - Just Right E.P (1992)
1. Just Right [4:32]
2. Getcha Money Ready [5:41]
3. There's No Cure [3:55]
4. Black Milk (live) [6:31]
5. Let's Get Funky (live) [4:59]
6. Radio Ad [0:39]
Tracks 4 & 5 Live at The Prince Of Wales, Melbourne, May 1991

Eternally Ours "24 Bands Play The Saints"

Eternally Ours - 24 Bands Play The Saints
01. Demolition Girl - Nomads [Sweden]
02. Wild About You - Scratch Bongowas [US]
03. Lost & Found - Phantom Rats [Japan]
04. Big Hits On The Underground - Challenger 7 [Australia]
05. Run Down - Mono Men [US]
06. Know Your Product - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors [Germany]
07. Orstralia - Bazooka [Sweden]
08. Private Affair - Safety Pins [Spain]
09. Messin' With The Kid - Jeff Dahl [US]
10. Do The Robot - Spent Idols [US]
11. Kissin' Cousins - The Lunkheads [UK]
12. L-I-E-S - Onyas [Australia]
13. No Time - Pussy Crush [UK]
14. Lipstick On Your Collar - Switch Trout [Japan]
15. Story Of Love - Bittersweets [Norway]
16. I'm Stranded - Fifi & The Mach 3 [Japan]
17. Wild About You - Basement Brats [Norway]
18. One Way Street - Gamma Men [US]
19. Erotic Neurotic - X-Rays [UK]
20. (I'm) Misunderstood - Nashville Pussy [US]
21. This Perfect Day - Sator [Sweden]
22. Nights In Venice - Bellrays [US]
23. Everything's Fine - Ed Kuepper [Australia]
24. Demolition Girl - Campus Trampus [UK]
This is an interesting tribute album, to one of Australia's greatest bands (well the first 3 albums anyway). The Saints were the original punk rock band, these days we have blink 182 and green day, they call it punk but who are they and why do they bother us with their crappy music. Anyway on this compilation you will hear some of the Saints better tunes covered by some cool bands, some not so cool bands, some Australian bands, some other bands, and even some bands you may never have heard of. And some bands you may never want to hear again.

The Scientists - Heading For A Trauma (1985)

I think this is another compilaion type record from one of the
coolest bands ever, and they're from Australia so suck that
other countries, these songs were recorded between 1982-84.
Some people say the SCIENTISTS were the first grunge band
but personally I think they're better than that because if you
listen to some grunge bands these days you realize how bad
that so called genre can be. Anyway enjoy.

Qui - Love's Miracle (2007)

Qui was founded in 2000 by drummer/vocalist Paul Christensen and guitarist/vocalist Matt Cronk in Los Angeles, CA. Since debuting in LA in early 2001 and the release of their first full-length album, Baby Kisses, (Heart of a Champion) in 2003, they have maintained a prodigious pace of both local performances and national tours. Their idiosyncratic blend of punk, noise, metal and experimental genres, coupled with their advanced musical prowess, earned them a small but dedicated following throughout the U.S.
In late 2006, Qui was joined by vocalist David Yow of The Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid fame. Shortly thereafter, the trio released the single, "Today, Gestation" b/w "Freeze" on the Los Angeles-based Infrasonic Sound Recordings label. After a brief spring tour and two acclaimed performances at the South By Southwest music conference in Austin, TX, Qui partnered up with Mike Patton and Greg Werckman's Ipecac Recordings for their forthcoming full-length entitled Love's Miracle, scheduled for release on September 11, 2007. A full U.S. and European tour will immediately follow. Strap on your fucking knee pads.
from me:
I could compare this band to the Melvins and Tool but I won't. I've always loved Scratch Acid and the Jesus Lizard are good too but with this group I appreciate David Yow a little bit more, although it seems to be the other two guys who i've never heard of that are the genius' behind this group, Yow just makes it that little bit cooler. Qui rock, turn this shit up loud to get the full effect, turn it up so loud that you can't even hear yourself think, because thinking is for chumps.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Gutter Twins - Strangefruit (Live)

This is awesome, I can't wait for the fucking album. This cover can be found on the Twilight Singers album 'She Loves You'. Lanegan and Dulli are the greatest.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon (1969)

Tim Buckley - Starsailor (1970)

Henry Rollins: Action Hero

So I just watched Wrong Turn 2: Dead End and I must be the slowest man alive because I didn't even know Henry Rollins was the star until I saw him (in it). I was a fan of the original because, well, I love shitty horror movies, I love gore, and of course in-bred deformed mountain folk. The original had Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy) so thats something, but Henry Rollins as a retired marine colonel named Dale Murphy, kicking deformed mutants asses, well thats just awesome. The trailer should state first of all; Henry 'Fucking' Rollins... in... The movie is your typical Texas Chainsaw rip-off but entertaining none-the-less. It takes place in the back woods of Carolina, a new reality tv show is being filmed called "The Ultimate Survivor", Rollins is the host, the premise of the show is a post apocalyptic survival test, complete with fake radiation poisonings and so forth. Of course all goes bad when the local mutated freaks get a sniff of the young female contestants, and then the bloodbath begins with body parts a-flying and intestines a-showing. In the first 5 minutes a woman is cut in half down the centre, her intestines splashing on the road, then she is dragged off by two crazies. BUT heres the kicker, Rollins fights back, armed with dynamite arrows and a bow-and-arrow. So needless to say there is a lot of in-bred guts splashing on walls. So Henry Rollins: Action Hero; does it work? Well put it this way if you get 2 Dolph Lundgrens, 1 Arnold and a bag of Van Dammes you get half a Henry Rollins, complete with bad one-liners (after a successful kill). So does this movie suck? You bet your ass it does, but Rollins doesn't and that's a reason to watch it, also there's the gore factor, arrows through heads, axes in heads and of course the intestine thing. So I'm here to say (or write) hire out this film and watch it, why not! It's better than fucking Grays Anatomy.