Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mondo Cane - Teatro Rossini, Lugo, Italia 24/5/07

Mondo Cane
Teatro Rossini, Lugo, Italia 24/5/07
01. Il cielo in una stanza (Paoli/Mina)
02. Che notte (Buscaglione/Chiosso)
03. Ore d'amore (Bongusto/Migliacci/Sigman/Rehbein/Kaempfert)
04. 20 km al giorno (Arigliano/Massara/Mogol)
05. Quello che conta (Salce/Morricone)
06. Urlo negro (Blackmen)
07. Legata ad un granello di sabbia (Fidenco/Marchetti)
08. Deep Down (Morricone)
09. Pinne, fucile ed occhiali (Rossi/Vianello)
10. Scalinatella (Murolo/Bonagura/Cioffi)
11. L'uomo che non sapeva amare (Fidenco/Pallavicini/Mogol/Bernstein)
12. Ma l'amore no (D'Anzi/Galdieri)
13. Storia d'amore (Celentano/Beretta/Del Prete)
14. Yeeeeeeh! (Tenco/Sawyer/Burton/Bardotti)
15. Senza fine (Vanoni/Gragnaniello)
*This is a great recording of a Mondo Cane show from May, I ripped the audio of this from a live video which is available here - - The quality of the audio is excellent until track 12 when is starts getting a bit dodgy. And in case you didn't know Mondo Cane is Mike Patton's group (with Roy Paci (Corleone), an orchestra, choir etc etc etc) which plays Italian songs from the 50's and 60's. Enjoy.

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation (1988) - Deluxe 2CD Edition (2007)

Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation' was released in October 1988. In June 2007 a 2CD deluxe edition of the album was released, it contains live versions of every track on the album, plus studio recordings of some cover songs.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Explosions In The Sky Discography

2000 - How Strange, Innocence

2001 - Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Will Live Forever

2003 - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

2004 - Friday Night Lights OST

2005 - The Rescue E.P

2007 - All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

Links in comments and click on the title of this post for shit loads of live recordings.


from Wikipedia:
Animal Collective is a New York City-based group of experimental musicians from Baltimore, Maryland. Animal Collective consists of Avey Tare (David Portner), Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Deakin (Josh Dibb), and Geologist (Brian Weitz). Records released under the name Animal Collective may include contributions from any or all of these members, but the lineup is not uniform. The band members met in school and started recording together in various forms of collaboration from a young age. Although the band is often classified as psych folk or noise rock, it is hard to define the Animal Collective sound as they often experiment with diverse styles and ideas. The group also runs the record label Paw Tracks on which they have released their own material as well as material by artists such as Ariel Pink, Terrestrial Tones, and The Peppermints.
from Me:
If you've never heard of Animal Collective they could be compared to The Flaming Lips, The Polyphonic Spree or Sigur Ros, although they are much better, well better than the Lips and Spree, but Sigur Ros I'm not sure. They are at times catchy, weird, and all over the place. If you have never heard them or you are already a fan (and can't find some b-sides or early albums) then click on the title of this post to find a goldmine of Animal Collective recordings, including all that is listed below in the discography (except the releases marked with an *). Take a chance (start with track 1 from Feels) and enjoy.
Animal Collective Discography:
2000 - Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished
2001 - Danse Manatee
2002 - Hollinndagain
2003 - Campfire Songs
2003 - Here Comes the Indian
2004 - Sung Tongs
2005 - Feels
2007 - Strawberry Jam
2005 - Prospect Hummer
2006 - People
2008 - Water Curses*
2004 - Who Could Win a Rabbit
2005 - Grass
2006 - The Purple Bottle
2007 - Peacebone
2007 - Fireworks*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

#2. Folk Implosion - Palm Of My Hand / Mood Swing 7" (1996)

Released on the Communion Label in 1996, the 2 tracks on
this release were recorded to 4-track cassette in spring 1995.
Although I do love the 2 songs on this record, I also like the artwork,
each track has a full size 7" cover. Palm Of My Hands and Mood
Swing can be also be found on the Folk Implosion self-titled
compilation, along with the 5 tracks from the Electric Idiot 7" (1994)

#1. Smudge - Split with C Minus 7" (1998)

Smudge / C Minus 7" Split (1998)
Side A:
01. Hot Potato (Acoustic Demo)
02. Bread Crumb Trail (Acoustic Demo)
I didn't include the C Minus tracks as I don't know who they are.

This post is the first in a series of some of my favorite 7 inches.
Released in 1998 on BLIND RECORDS the 2 Smudge tracks on
this record are acoustic demos of songs from the 1996 release
"You Me Carpark... Now!". This release is quite rare although I
found it at a second hand record store, and paid $10 for it. For
those who know nothing about Smudge, they are an indie group
from Sydney (Australia) and were active between 1991 and 1999,
they released three studio albums and a bunch of other stuff
(7 inches etc). Initially asked by Half A Cow Records owner, Nic
Dalton, to record a track for his first 7" release, the group went
on to record the "Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan 7" Single",
which became John Peel's record of the week upon release. The
band still occassionally play shows although they haven't showed
up in my hood since 2004, when they played a few shows to
celebrate the re-release of the "Manilow" LP (with Bonus Tracks).
Although late last year Half A Cow Records celebrated its 16th
birthday with a bunch of all star shows around the country.
Smudge (acoustic) was advertised in the line-up but come the
night Tom Morgan felt ill and couldn't play, this also cancelled
headliners Sneeze, as Morgan is also a member of this group along
with Nic Dalton (Godstar, Lemonheads, Hummingbirds etc). So I
left that gig very early in a drunken rage, and killed a bunch of
people on the walk home (for looking at me funny). No not really,
actually Sneeze still played but I couldn't be bothered as I was
disapponted with the whole event, apparently it got bad reviews.
The quality is a bit ordinary, I'd rate it A-
Adam Yee - Bass
Alison Galloway - Drums, Vocals
Tom Morgan - Guitar, Vocals

Monday, December 3, 2007

Battles - Tonto E.P (2007)

Battles - Tonto E.P (2007)
1. Tonto (Album Version) 7:41
2. Tonto (The Field Remix) 8:18
3. Tonto (Four Tet Remix) 9:20
4. Tonto (Live At FRF 07) 9:08
5. Leyendecker (Live At FRF 07) 3:41
6. Leyendecker (DJ EMZ Remix Featuring Joell Ortiz) 4:36