Monday, April 6, 2009


Hey I was looking on the interrornet and found that some people had requested stuff from this blog, some more than a year ago. Although I'm a lazy prick who doesn't really care I will respond to requests if any. I no longer post anything that is copyrighted, like actual released stuff but I don't give a fuck and will do so if anyone is desperate. I do often download music as I don't have 7 million dollars to buy every fucking CD I want to hear, I buy shit I love, at the moment it's Animal Collective, Lanegan and Patton still, Tera Melos, M. Ward, I Love Zooey Deschanel etc etc etc who gives a rats ass. Anyway what's going on with you, oh yeah your sitting there looking at a computer screen, isn't it awesome all this information. Anyway this is rubbish I just thought I'd write something because I'm bored right now although How I Met Your Mother Is On and I'm gonna go watch that right now. Long live someone!