Saturday, June 30, 2007

J Mascis - The John Peel Sessions (2003)

1. Everything Flows / Range Life / In A Rut (Medley)
2. Same Day
3. Amma Ring
4. Waistin'
5. I'm Not Fine
6. I Feel Like Going Home
7. Alone
8. Everybody Lets Me Down
9. Freak Scene
10. If That's How It's Gonna Be

1-5: 13/12/00 (with Mike Watt & George Berz)
6-9: 20/11/02 (Solo)
10: 13/9/02 (Solo)

Live At CBGB's: The First Acoustic Show (2006)

First Acoustic Show 1993
1. What Else Is New
2. Thumb
3. Keeblin'
4. Not You Again
5. Flying Cloud
6. Every Mother's Son
7. Not The Same
8. Throw Down
9. Get Me
10. Quest
11. On The Run
12. Repulsion

Password: bringmetheheads


J Mascis & Friends - Sing & Chant For Amma (2005)

1. Please Remember That I'm Here
2. Help Me Amma
3. Lokah
4. Take Me Home
5. Amma What Now?
6. Heavy Metal Ai Giri Nandini

from Wikipedia:
J and Friends Sing And Chant For Amma is an album-length compact disc by American guitarist/singer/songwriter and Dinosaur Jr bandleader J Mascis. The CD consists of several devotional songs composed and/or adapted by Mascis and dedicated to Hindu religious leader Mata Amritanandamayi, or Ammachi, whom Mascis is a devoted follower of. Recorded during a banner year for the alternative icon, Sing and Chant For Amma was self-released by Mascis on his own Baked Goods label during a break in the Dinosaur Jr reunion tour. Although there are no production or studio credits on the album, the CD is presumed to have been produced by Mascis and recorded at his own Bob's Place Studio in Amherst, Massachusetts. The proceeds from the album are being donated to Tsunami relief and other efforts Ammachi's organization is spearheading. Mascis had previously written the song "Ammaring" about Ammachi, and recorded it on the first J Mascis and the Fog album More Light.

Password: bringmetheheads

Walk Thru This World With... The Folk Implosion

The Folk Implosion's 'Walk Thru This World With' 7" was released on Drunken Fish Records in 1994, all 12 tracks were although, originally released on a cassette of the same name, which had a shitload of other songs.
1. Eternal Party
2. School (Nirvana)
3. My Head Really Hurts
4. I Know What I Want Today
5. Third Mind Trouble
6. Walk Through This World...
7. End of the First Side
8. I Remember the Angels
9. Hey, You Don't Say
10. Won't Back Down (Tom Petty)
11. So Sweet I Swear
12. End

The New Folk Implosion (2003)

Monday, June 18, 2007

2 Smog Covers by Lou Barlow

2 Smog Covers by Lou Barlow:
01. A Hit (Harmacy Bonus Disc 1996)
02. Be Hit (Lou Barlow Plays Waterfront 1995)

Smog - The Doctor Came At Dawn (1996)

Smog - The Doctor Came At Dawn (1996)
01. You Moved In
02. Somewhere In The Night
03. Lize
04. Spread Your Bloody Wings
05. Carmelite Light
06. Everything You Touch Becomes a Crutch
07. All Your Women Things
08. Whistling Teapot (rag)
09. Four Hearts In a Can
10. Hangman Blues

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Smog - Wild Love (1995)

Smog - Wild Love (1995)
01. Bathysphere
02. Wild Love
03. Sweet Smog Children
04. Bathroom Floor
05. The Emperor
06. Limited Capacity
07. Its Rough
08. Sleepy Joe
09. The Candle
10. Be Hit
11. Prince Alone in the Studio
12. Goldfish Bowl

Smog - A River Ain't Too Much To Love (2005)

Smog - A River Ain't Too Much To Love (2005)
1. Palimpsest
2. Say Valley Maker
3. The Well
4. Rock Bottom Riser
5. I Feel Like the Mother of the World
6. In the Pines
7. Drinking at the Dam
8. Running the Loping
9. I'm New Here
10. Let Me See the Colts

Smog - Supper (2003)

Smog - Supper (2003)
1. Feather By Feather
2. Butterflies Drowned In Wine
3. Morality
4. Ambition
5. Vessel In Vain
6. Truth Serum
7. Our Anniversary
8. Driving
9. A Guiding Light

Smog - Accumulation (2002)

Smog - Accumulation: None (2002)
1. Astronaut
2. A Hit
3. Spanish Moss
4. Chosen One
5. Floating
6. Real Live Dress
7. Came Blue
8. Little Girl Shoes
9. Cold Blooded Old Times
10. White Ribbon [#]
11. I Break Horses
12. Hole in the Heart
(A collection of b-sides etc).

Smog - Dongs of Sevotion (2000)

Smog - Dongs of Sevotion (2000)
1. Justice Aversion
2. Dress Sexy At My Furneral
3. Strayed
4. The Hard Road
5. Easily Led
6. Bloodflow
7. Nineteen
8. Distance
9. Devotion
10. Cold Discovery
11. Permanent Smile
pass: filmuzika

Smog - Knock Knock (1999)

Smog - Knock knock (1999)
1. Let's move to the country
2. Held
3. River guard
4. No dancing
5. Teenage spaceship
6. Cold blooded old times
7. Sweet treat
8. Hit the ground running
9. I could drive forever
10. Left only with love

oh and this one...

11. The Fun Machine Took A Shit and Died (New Version)

Queens of the Stone Age - Beyond Era Vulgaris

So by now you Queens of the Stone Age fans have purchased (or downloaded) the new album and realised how shit it is (Just Kidding). Anywho you may have noticed that different printings of the album (from different countries) contain a few different bonus tracks, such as the track Era Vulgaris as a bonus track on the UK release or I'm Designer (Hot Chip Remix) as a French itunes bonus track, it's annoying I know, so I took it upon myself to supply them all in a nice little package. Also included in what i've titled 'Beyond Era Vulgaris' are the b-sides from the 2 singles (so far) and a nice acoustic session showcasing some of the new tunes from XFM.

Queens of the Stone Age - Beyond Era Vulgaris....
1. Running Joke (UK Bonus Track)
2. Era Vulgaris (UK Bonus Track)
3. White Wedding-Billy Idol Cover (Best Buy Bonus Track)
4. I'm Designer-Hot Chip Remix (French itunes Bonus Track)
5. Goin' Out West-Tom Waits Cover (Sick, Sick, Sick EP)
6. I'm Designer-Remix (Sick, Sick, Sick EP)
7. Christian Brothers-Elliot Smith Cover (Sick, Sick, Sick / 3's & 7's EP)
8. 3's & 7's-Acoustic (XFM Session 07)
9. Into The Hollow-Acoustic (XFM Session 07)
10. Suture Up Your Future-Acoustic (XFM Session 07)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Deluxx Folk Implosion is a collaboration between two groups; 'Deluxx' and 'The Folk Implosion'; so put the two together and obviously you get, 'Deluxx The Folk Implosion', but take away the 'the' and you get 'Deluxx Folk Implosion'. The members of this group are Lou Barlow, John Davis (Folk Implosion), Mark Peretta and Bob Fay (Deluxx), and together they are (say it with me) 'The Deluxx Folk Implosion', not 'The Deluxx The Folk Implosion' just 'The Deluxx Folk Implosion', get it! Historically the group formed to contribute a song to the 'Kids' soundtrack in 1995, which was devised by Lou Barlow and featured mainly Folk Implosion Tunes (remember the film 'Kids', about young kids having sex, and giving each other aids, feel good movie of the year). But the Deluxx Folk Implosion (DFI) had played together as early as February 1994, and Bob Fay (Deluxx) was also in Sebadoh with Barlow, appearing on some of their more consistent efforts such as Bakesale and harmacy, but Fay was fired from Sebadoh in 1998. Anyway gone off track a bit, it's kind of hard to write about DFI as there is very little info about them available out there. DFI in total released one 5-track 7" single 'Daddy Never Understood', the title track lifted from the 'Kids' soundtrack (1995), and appeared on two compilation albums; Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks (1996) and Safe and Sound (1996) (do the math, thats 7 recorded songs in total). Also included in this DFI collection is the last song recorded by DFI in 1996 and a full Deluxx Folk Implosion concert recorded at the Last Call Saloon in February of 1994. The show is one of about half a dozen gigs DFI ever played, and features songs by Deluxx, The Folk Implosion, The Deluxx Folk Implosion and Belt Buckle (another Barlow / Fay collaboration).

-Daddy Never Understood 7" (1995)
01. Daddy Never Understood ('Kids' Soundtrack Version)
02. Greetings From Sarajevo
03. Daddy Never Understood II
04. Ovenmitt
05. Liquid Bread
-Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks Compilation (1996)
06. I'm Just A Bill
-Safe & Sound Benefit Compilation (1996)
07. U Can't Win
-Demo (1996)
08. Last Recorded Song By DFI
-Live 20/2/94 Last Call Saloon, Providence, RI USA:
09. Intro
10. Eternal Party
11. Clothespin Suicide
12. Daddy Never Understood
13. Whole Hog
14. Reasons I'm In Prison
15. Background Graveyard
16. U Can't Win
17. Better Than Allrite
18. Ovenmitt
19. No Matter Who You Are
20. Sputniks Down
21. Slap Me
22. Cavalcade of Death
23. Girl Who Reads
+ 24. A Pre-Show Lou Interview.
*This is the most complete DFI collection available anywhere.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Salamander Jim - Lorne Green Shares His Precious Fluids (1985)

Tex Perkins formed Salamander Jim in the early eighties with Kim Salmon (The Scientists) and Richard Ploog (The Church), but the line up soon changed due to touring commitments for Ploog & Salmon. Stu Spasm, Lachlan McLeod and Martin Bland joined Tex in a new line up, and in 1985 recorded Salamander Jim's only record, "Lorne Greene Shares His Precious Fluids".

Friday, June 8, 2007

Soulsavers - Revival

Obviously someone just figured out how to put video clips on his blog, it's so simple even a monkey could do it.

Peeping Tom - We're Not Alone

PEEPING TOM Live on the Henry Rollins Show 1/6/07.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Soulsavers - Revival (2007)

This is a promo single I purchased off ebay, the second single from the album, "It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land", by The Soulsavers (with Mark Lanegan). "Revival" is a gospel sort of number and the b-side "Blues Run The Game" is a tune written by Jackson C. Frank, played sometimes by Mark Lanegan Band on the 2003-04 world tour. Another interesting fact is that Isobel Campbell plays cello on "Blues Run The Game". Enjoy, or not, it's up to you.

Soulsavers - Revival Promo (2007)
1. Revival 4:11
2. Blues Run The Game 2:53

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Something For Kate (Demo Tape)

Something For Kate Demo
Recorded 1994 / Released 1995
Only 600 Copies (Cassette)

This tape was available at early gigs when the group played on tiny little stages. They were much heavier back then. I'm not much of a fan these days but when I was a young man I loved them, saw them so many times, and played this demo to death, the first EP was pretty cool too. I'm sure there are many Something For Kate fans out there that would appreciate this demo, a friend of mine transferred it from cassette, the sound is a bit muffled and shitty but thats how it always was....

1. Clint
2. Pichard's Lament
3. Glue
4. Toothpaste
5. Slow
6. Ashtray
7. Just A Picture

Shellac - Excellent Italian Greyhound (2007)

7 years since "1000 Hurts" Shellac (Steve Albini, Todd Trainer & Bob Weston) will finally release album number 4, "Excellent Italian Greyhound" (named in tribute to Todd Trainer's Italian Greyhound, Uffizi). You will enjoy this as I have!!!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

5 Mike Patton Related Songs

Here are 5 Mike Patton related tracks:
1. Pre School by Peeping Tom (Mojo 'itunes only' single 2006)
2. Where Is The Line (Fantomas Remix) by Bjork (Who Is It 12" 2005)
3. Ballad Of A Thin Man by The Jamie Saft Trio (w/ Mike Patton)
- (Trouble: The Jamie Saft Trio Plays Bob Dylan 2006)
4. Not Alone by Dub Trio (w/ Mike Patton) (New Heavy 2006)
5. We're Not Alone (Dan the Automator Redux) by Peeping Tom
- (We're Not Alone 'itunes only' single 2007)