Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Something For Kate (Demo Tape)

Something For Kate Demo
Recorded 1994 / Released 1995
Only 600 Copies (Cassette)

This tape was available at early gigs when the group played on tiny little stages. They were much heavier back then. I'm not much of a fan these days but when I was a young man I loved them, saw them so many times, and played this demo to death, the first EP was pretty cool too. I'm sure there are many Something For Kate fans out there that would appreciate this demo, a friend of mine transferred it from cassette, the sound is a bit muffled and shitty but thats how it always was....

1. Clint
2. Pichard's Lament
3. Glue
4. Toothpaste
5. Slow
6. Ashtray
7. Just A Picture


poo said...

Interesting man thanks!

Marco said...
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Marco said...

awesome! thank you so much!!!

music matters said...

hey, is it possible to get a re-up on this? lost mine years ago!