Saturday, June 30, 2007

Walk Thru This World With... The Folk Implosion

The Folk Implosion's 'Walk Thru This World With' 7" was released on Drunken Fish Records in 1994, all 12 tracks were although, originally released on a cassette of the same name, which had a shitload of other songs.
1. Eternal Party
2. School (Nirvana)
3. My Head Really Hurts
4. I Know What I Want Today
5. Third Mind Trouble
6. Walk Through This World...
7. End of the First Side
8. I Remember the Angels
9. Hey, You Don't Say
10. Won't Back Down (Tom Petty)
11. So Sweet I Swear
12. End


Anonymous said...

Hi, it seems that 2 tracks are missing in the archive. Do you have a chance to upload them separately??

The missing songs are:
- 3. My Head Really Hurts
- 8. I Remember The Angels

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, I take this comment back. I did not notice that nr. 3 and 8 are m4a files and MP3 Book Helper ignored them...

Vombie Zomit Blog said...

yeah I found those 2 seperately, hopefully getting the 7" soon which i'm excited about

Anonymous said...

Me too...:o)

(Just found out Stephen Malkmus side project Silver Jews. Another band which is a big unknown for me...). "American Water", here is the link if you are interested: )

Anonymous said...

American Water

Roach said...

Ok, maybe I'm a moron, but I can't seem to get this to uncompress. I've tried Winrar & stuffit, and they both error out & say "cannot find the system path specified". Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i too can't extract this... :(
same as roach, I keep getting "cannot find the system path specified". :/

chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris said...

vombie zomit. .. has to be my favourite wordplay in recent history. literally L'd out L. thx.

Anonymous said...

i love this blog. could someone please please re upload "walk through this world with..." ? Thank You!

Anonymous said...

This solved my big problem

chris said...

i've been looking all over for a copy of this, and i fianlly found it!

BUT, i can't download it. it says the file's been inactive for 30 days.

can you restore this file please?

Anonymous said...

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