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The Deluxx Folk Implosion is a collaboration between two groups; 'Deluxx' and 'The Folk Implosion'; so put the two together and obviously you get, 'Deluxx The Folk Implosion', but take away the 'the' and you get 'Deluxx Folk Implosion'. The members of this group are Lou Barlow, John Davis (Folk Implosion), Mark Peretta and Bob Fay (Deluxx), and together they are (say it with me) 'The Deluxx Folk Implosion', not 'The Deluxx The Folk Implosion' just 'The Deluxx Folk Implosion', get it! Historically the group formed to contribute a song to the 'Kids' soundtrack in 1995, which was devised by Lou Barlow and featured mainly Folk Implosion Tunes (remember the film 'Kids', about young kids having sex, and giving each other aids, feel good movie of the year). But the Deluxx Folk Implosion (DFI) had played together as early as February 1994, and Bob Fay (Deluxx) was also in Sebadoh with Barlow, appearing on some of their more consistent efforts such as Bakesale and harmacy, but Fay was fired from Sebadoh in 1998. Anyway gone off track a bit, it's kind of hard to write about DFI as there is very little info about them available out there. DFI in total released one 5-track 7" single 'Daddy Never Understood', the title track lifted from the 'Kids' soundtrack (1995), and appeared on two compilation albums; Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks (1996) and Safe and Sound (1996) (do the math, thats 7 recorded songs in total). Also included in this DFI collection is the last song recorded by DFI in 1996 and a full Deluxx Folk Implosion concert recorded at the Last Call Saloon in February of 1994. The show is one of about half a dozen gigs DFI ever played, and features songs by Deluxx, The Folk Implosion, The Deluxx Folk Implosion and Belt Buckle (another Barlow / Fay collaboration).

-Daddy Never Understood 7" (1995)
01. Daddy Never Understood ('Kids' Soundtrack Version)
02. Greetings From Sarajevo
03. Daddy Never Understood II
04. Ovenmitt
05. Liquid Bread
-Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks Compilation (1996)
06. I'm Just A Bill
-Safe & Sound Benefit Compilation (1996)
07. U Can't Win
-Demo (1996)
08. Last Recorded Song By DFI
-Live 20/2/94 Last Call Saloon, Providence, RI USA:
09. Intro
10. Eternal Party
11. Clothespin Suicide
12. Daddy Never Understood
13. Whole Hog
14. Reasons I'm In Prison
15. Background Graveyard
16. U Can't Win
17. Better Than Allrite
18. Ovenmitt
19. No Matter Who You Are
20. Sputniks Down
21. Slap Me
22. Cavalcade of Death
23. Girl Who Reads
+ 24. A Pre-Show Lou Interview.
*This is the most complete DFI collection available anywhere.


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i gotta say that your blog is awesome. great album posts.

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What about the people who don't use I-tunes or an M-Peg4 friendly player? If you're that worried about respect for the artist, why not just record an mp3 at a really low bitrate?

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Thank you endlessly for this. I loved "Daddy Never Understood".

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whats the password?

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There is no password, and if your player can't handle the file formats, use a better player, or simply convert them if you insist on things being your way.

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Anonymous said...

hey, I'm glad you used my live recording of DFI. I recorded them another time in 1995. What a great band. gkay44

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