Sunday, June 17, 2007

Queens of the Stone Age - Beyond Era Vulgaris

So by now you Queens of the Stone Age fans have purchased (or downloaded) the new album and realised how shit it is (Just Kidding). Anywho you may have noticed that different printings of the album (from different countries) contain a few different bonus tracks, such as the track Era Vulgaris as a bonus track on the UK release or I'm Designer (Hot Chip Remix) as a French itunes bonus track, it's annoying I know, so I took it upon myself to supply them all in a nice little package. Also included in what i've titled 'Beyond Era Vulgaris' are the b-sides from the 2 singles (so far) and a nice acoustic session showcasing some of the new tunes from XFM.

Queens of the Stone Age - Beyond Era Vulgaris....
1. Running Joke (UK Bonus Track)
2. Era Vulgaris (UK Bonus Track)
3. White Wedding-Billy Idol Cover (Best Buy Bonus Track)
4. I'm Designer-Hot Chip Remix (French itunes Bonus Track)
5. Goin' Out West-Tom Waits Cover (Sick, Sick, Sick EP)
6. I'm Designer-Remix (Sick, Sick, Sick EP)
7. Christian Brothers-Elliot Smith Cover (Sick, Sick, Sick / 3's & 7's EP)
8. 3's & 7's-Acoustic (XFM Session 07)
9. Into The Hollow-Acoustic (XFM Session 07)
10. Suture Up Your Future-Acoustic (XFM Session 07)

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