Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Gutter Twins - KEXP Radio 4/3/08

The Gutter Twins - KEXP Radio, Seattle 4/3/08
Interview + 3 Songs
1. Down The Line
2. I Was In Love With You
3. The Body
4. Interview + 3 Songs

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Captain America - Flame On E.P (1992)

Some Info: After The Vaselines split up in 1989 Eugene Kelly formed Captain America. For some reason Marvel Comics objected to this name and forced Kelly to change it, and so Eugenius was born. Only two E.P's were released under the Captain America name, The Wow! E.P in 1991 and Flame On E.P in 1992. The three tunes included on this E.P later appeared on the Eugenius debut LP, definitely the stand out tracks on the album, especially the cover of the Beat Happening classic 'Indian Summer'. Recent days have seen Kelly collaborate with Evan Dando and Isobel Campbell, release a solo album in 2003 and the fantastic 'Older Faster' E.P also in 2003.