Friday, April 6, 2007


ELECTRORETARD (2001) Mansruin Records

01. Shit Storm
02. Youth of America (Wipers)
03. Gluey Porch Treatment (New and Improved Version)
04. Revolve (New and Improved Version)
05. Missing (Cows)
06. Lovely Butterflies (New and Improved Version)
07. Tipping The Lion (New and Improved Version)
08. Intersteller Overdrive (Pink Floyd)

This album/ep/mini-album/whatever was released in 2001
by Mansruin Records. It is a sort-of mini-compilation of
covers and reworked versions of some of their older tunes.
Buzzo plays the guitar and sings, Dale plays drums and also
sings, Kevin plays the bass on most songs but not on Tipping
the Lion, Interstellar Overdrive and Shitstorm, bass on these
tracks was played by Mark D.

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