Friday, April 20, 2007

New Race - The First and The Last (1982)

New Race is a band consisting of members of RADIO BIRDMAN, the STOOGES & the MC5. New Race only toured once, didn't record any albums or e.p's (I think?), and played the songs (live!) of the groups above, who this group consists of members of... Rob Younger Sings, Warwick Gilbert plays bass, Deniz Tek plays guitar (Radio Birdman), Dennis Thompson (MC5) plays the drums and Ron Asheton (Stooges) plays the guitar also. I've supplied you with the front and back covers of this CD and also the inner liner notes written by Deniz Tek. Read the liner notes for more information.

01. Crying Sun
02. Haunted Road
03. Gotta Keep Movin'
04. Breaks My Heart
05. Sad TV
06. Loose
07. November 22, 1963
08. Love Kills
09. Alone In The Endzone
10. Looking At You
11. Columbia


Overhere said...

Hi Vombie
Just so you know I read your Ausrock requests and I will be going through all my scientists stuff this week to see if I can help out.

Vombie Zomit Blog said...

Thanks I appreciate that, VZ.

Anonymous said...

I wore out my vinyl copy of this. Get's my vote for one of the best live albums of all time. I've heard of a version (overseas?)of this that has about 4 extra songs. Can anyone verify this?
By the way, Overhere and Vombie, you are doing a great service and, I too, am salivating at the thought of more Scientists.

rancido said...

Wow,thanks for this.Im a big fan of Rob Young but never listened to any stuff by him live.Great album this is,and the sound is amazing too.Gracias amigo