Friday, April 6, 2007


Leech is a bootleg 12" released by Egg One Records in 1996. The album comprises 7-inches, B-Sides, Soundtrack and Compilation tracks, Live songs and hard to find recordings. The password is 2239@home so download it, listen to it and don't tell anyone, as your life may depend on 'it'. 'It' refers to not telling anyone, but I guess you could tell your family and friends, BUT NO ONE ELSE. On second thought tell who you like, tell everyone. The melvins are good!

02-way of the world
04-forgotten principles
06-with yo' heart, not yo' hands
07-four letter woman
08-anal satan
09-venus in furs
10-sweet young thing aint sweet no more
12-your blessened
13-pronoun piece me
15-love canal
16-god of thunder
17-ever since my accident
18-rocket reducer #62
19-lexicon devel
20-instant larry
21-adolescent wet dream


Ben said...

argh, it keeps giving me errors! very unhappy... i want leeeeeech...

Anonymous said...

i want this also but when i go to open the file it tells me i need a PASSWORD! WHAT IS THE PASSWORD!PLEASE RESPOND

Anonymous said...

Got it! Thanks!

I've been looking for this for years!
Happy to be able to listen to it finally!

You rule!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the password?? HELP US!
thenew1_2 at hotmail.

Anonymous said...

password help? learn how to read idiots.

Anonymous said...

File Not Found?! Help!