Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tex Perkins & Charlie Owen NSC May 16 2007

I saw Tex Perkins and Charlie Owen last night at the Northcote Social Club, it was like a Tex, Don and Charlie concert, without Don. I'm assuming Don was on holiday or something. Some Tex, Don and Charlie songs featured were 'Paycheques', 'Whenever It Snows', 'The Singer of the Song' (and more), all from the "All is Forgiven" album. Also featured were Dark Horse's tunes (+ a few TNT tunes, that being Tim Rogers & Tex Perkins) and two very special performances that incorporated support act Spencer P. Jones, on guitar, the closing number on the new Beasts of Bourbon album (Little Animals) "Thanks", and also a Beasts classic, "Can't Say No". Reminiscent of something from a Pantera concert Tex lit up a joint at some stage, to test a theory he had, that he plays better when he's stoned. Funny stuff. Very entertaining evening and as tex explained; a recording of the show was available for sale after the show, I didn't have any cash so hopefully it will turn up for sale somewhere else, or I'll find it on the net. There were also cool posters for sale, and I wish I had money, dammit!!!!

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