Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pixies Live in Victoria, Canada 21/4/04

Live at "The Victoria Curling Club" (Soundboard Recording)
01. Debaser
02. Cactus
03. Bone Machine
04. River Euphrates
05. Crackity Jones - Something Against You
06. Tame
07. Hey!
08. Gigantic
09. Mr. Grieves
10. La La Love You
11. Where Is My Mind
12. Vamos
13. Nimrod's Son
14. Here Comes Your Man
15. Gouge Away
16. Broken Face
17. Isla De Encanta
18. Wave Of Mutilation
19. Monkey Gone To Heaven
20. Caribou
21. In Heaven - Wave Of Mutilation
22. Into the White
The Pixies recently swept through OZ rocking the pants off local punters, for those of you who were lucky enough to attend a pixies gig, well, good on you. I will soon be posting (probably in a couple of minutes) Pixies shows from Australia 2007, that I am currently trying to find for a friend, who followed them around the country. He also met them, and possibly stole some of their hair, which is now for sale on ebay, so come on folks put ya bids in for some genuine Pixies hair, which I'm sure would come in handy for some sort of cloning experiment whereas the result would be your own personal Pixies band to play at family gatherings, parties, weddings, and when you go to the toilet. SO PIXIES BEWARE, EVIL DR. EUGENIUS IS ABOUT TO MAKE YOU OBSOLETE. Ebay watchers keep an eye out (or both) for your own personal genuine Pixies band to play for you and your friends. You'll be the most popular kid in your street.
Part 2 in the comments.

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