Thursday, September 20, 2007

Eternally Ours "24 Bands Play The Saints"

Eternally Ours - 24 Bands Play The Saints
01. Demolition Girl - Nomads [Sweden]
02. Wild About You - Scratch Bongowas [US]
03. Lost & Found - Phantom Rats [Japan]
04. Big Hits On The Underground - Challenger 7 [Australia]
05. Run Down - Mono Men [US]
06. Know Your Product - Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors [Germany]
07. Orstralia - Bazooka [Sweden]
08. Private Affair - Safety Pins [Spain]
09. Messin' With The Kid - Jeff Dahl [US]
10. Do The Robot - Spent Idols [US]
11. Kissin' Cousins - The Lunkheads [UK]
12. L-I-E-S - Onyas [Australia]
13. No Time - Pussy Crush [UK]
14. Lipstick On Your Collar - Switch Trout [Japan]
15. Story Of Love - Bittersweets [Norway]
16. I'm Stranded - Fifi & The Mach 3 [Japan]
17. Wild About You - Basement Brats [Norway]
18. One Way Street - Gamma Men [US]
19. Erotic Neurotic - X-Rays [UK]
20. (I'm) Misunderstood - Nashville Pussy [US]
21. This Perfect Day - Sator [Sweden]
22. Nights In Venice - Bellrays [US]
23. Everything's Fine - Ed Kuepper [Australia]
24. Demolition Girl - Campus Trampus [UK]
This is an interesting tribute album, to one of Australia's greatest bands (well the first 3 albums anyway). The Saints were the original punk rock band, these days we have blink 182 and green day, they call it punk but who are they and why do they bother us with their crappy music. Anyway on this compilation you will hear some of the Saints better tunes covered by some cool bands, some not so cool bands, some Australian bands, some other bands, and even some bands you may never have heard of. And some bands you may never want to hear again.

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