Monday, January 8, 2007

The Twilight Singers Are Very Good!

This is my second post a couple of minute after my first. I'm going to see The Twilight Singers on Friday night, appearing with the Twilight Singers is Mark Lanegan (who is also very good), so here are 5 songs by The Twilight Singers with Mark Lanegan, enjoy bitches!

1. Number Nine (from Blackberry Belle 2003)
2. Hard Time Killing Floor (from She Loves You 2004)
3. Live With Me (A Stitch In Time E.P 2006)
4. Flashback (A Stitch In Time E.P 2006)
5. Sideways In Reverse (Live at The Lowlands Festival 2006)

track 2 is a J.B Lenoir Song
track 3 is a Massive Attack Song
track 4 is a Fat Freddy's Drop Song
track 5 is a Mark Lanegan Song

Don't forget to go to your local record store and buy the Twilight Singers albums, all of them, NOW!
Downloading free music off the internet is bad and makes small children cry (for some reason?)

But anyway...
Links for aboveforementioned songs:

Simply cut & paste full link into your address browser, then follow the steps.
Sorry they are seperate files, I'm still learning this shit. Bye for now.

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I've downloaded all the soundtracks from Twilight. Yeah, they are really great! This is the kind of music that effects your soul!