Saturday, January 13, 2007


Nick Cave - vocals, electric guitar, organ, piano
Warren Ellis - electric bouzouki, Fendocastor, violin, viola, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Martyn Casey - bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jim Sclavunos - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Grinderman describe themselves as "foul-mouthed, noisy,
hairy, and damn well old enough to know better". In a search
for musical freedom Grinderman were born, with a sound
that could be described as part blues part noise Grinderman
are reminiscent of Birthday Party era Cave. Jim Sclavunos says:
"The name Grinderman seemed to suit the band. It sums
up the sort of music we are making. We grind." The debut
self-titled album is out 5th March 2007. Ths first single is
called 'Get It On'.

Listen To Get It On:


order an essay said...

And they really know better! I adore them very much!

Steroids said...

this song was sick live last night

help on essay said...

: you saw them alive !!! WOW!! you're so lucky guy