Monday, February 5, 2007

Pearl Jam Rare FanClubOnly Double 7" For Sale

Hey people I have an item for sale on ebay (Australia), its a
very rare Pearl Jam double 7". Info below:

Rare Pearl Jam Fan Club Only Double 7" Single (1995)
Tracklisting (4 Live Tracks)
Record #1
Side A. History Never Repeats (Ed V. with Neil & Tim Finn)
Side B. Sonic Reducer (with Joey Ramone)
Record #2
Side A. Swallow My Pride (Green River Reunion)
Side B. My Way (Ed V. with Terry Presley, Elvis' Cuz)
Other Info: Played once or twice, gatefold sleeve.
In Really Good condition except for small bend in top
right hand corner, christmas present for PJ fan club members 1995.

Item number: 290077275797
bidding up to $20.50
1 day left.....

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