Sunday, February 18, 2007

Disposable Music

Popular music is for chumps. It seems in this age of extremely bad
music or commercial radio music as it is also known, some albums,
singles and artists should come with a Use By Date. Pop music such
as Beyonce, Pink and Nickelback (cue vomit) should really be called
disposable music as you hear it for a few months then nothing, like it
never existed (if only). Every fricken clothing store you enter, every
crappy record store, every shitty commercial radio station play a (for
example) Nickelback song for about 4 months then you never hear it
again, disposable music! But of course there are some exceptions,
Madonna for example, her songs (as evil as they are) seem to survive
the test of time, usually you'll hear her songs on an outdated, oldies
radio statio. My hatred of disposible music burns me to the core,
that guy from Nickelback is one ugly bastard. Think about it people.


Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by your blatant pop music bashing. I entirely disagree with the term "disposable music". I, for one, find this music to be without any useby date and limitless in it's ablity to both move and comfort the soul. In fact, my i-pod carries a range of classic songs from Milli Vanilli to the latest Shakira ablum tearing up the charts. I look forward to when Britney finally gets her life back on track and new mind blowing album. With darker tones of her recent experiences that will speak to everyone. Stick that where the Mark Lanegan don't shine.

Vombie Zomit Blog said...

You are a loser and your taste in music sucks ass. That's if your serious, although you can't be, because that would make you a complete retard.
Here is a news headline you will see very soon:
"Britney O.D's on Crack"
"because she finally realised her music is horrible and she's a whore, not just any whore but an ugly bloated crack whore". Stick that in your ipod and smoke it.

Mr. E. Jojo Shabadoo Jr. said...

Disposable music smells as good as disposable nappies. Nickelback smells as good as disposable nappies. Disposable nappies smell as good as disposable nappies.

Vombie Zomit Blog said...

I agree Eugenius, nappies although, smell better.

term paper writer said...

LOL))) Dave as always so hillarious!! Love him, his always rocks!