Monday, June 16, 2008

Naked City with Mike Patton Live 2003

Naked City with Mike Patton
Holland Festival
June 17, 2003
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Carré Theatre

01 Intro
02 Batman
03 The Latin Quarter
04 The James Bond Theme
05 You Will Be Shot
06 A Shot In The Dark
07 Snagglepuss
08 Sunset Surfer
09 Blood Is Thin (with Mike Patton)
10 Thrash Jazz Assassin (with Mike Patton)
11 Ujaku (with Mike Patton)
12 Blood Duster (with Mike Patton)
13 N.Y. Flat Top (with Mike Patton)
14 Demon Sanctuary (with Mike Patton)
15 Numbskull (with Mike Patton)
16 Hammerhead (with Mike Patton)
17 Igneous Ejaculation (with Mike Patton)
18 Perfume of a Critic's Burning Flesh
19 The Sicilian Clan
20 Saigon Pickup
21 Lonely Woman
22 Chinatown
23 The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
24 Tefukah (Masada)
25 Osaka Bondage (with Mike Patton)
26 Shangkuan Ling-Feng (with Mike Patton)
27 Dead Spot (with Mike Patton)
28 Blunt Instrument (with Mike Patton)
29 Speedball (with Mike Patton)
30 Piledriver (with Mike Patton)
31 Slan (with Mike Patton)
32 Gob of Spit (with Mike Patton)
33 Bonehead (with Mike Patton)
34 40 Minutes of encores (dialogue)
35 Inside Straight (with Mike Patton)

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Vombie Zomit Blog said...

Part 1
Part 2

ctrl/alt/delete said...

very fucking nice , thank you dude

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Nice to hear Naked City in 2003..

Check out these:

Bunch of discs from 50th anniversary


and latest album Dreamers.. not sure what kind of music it is yet..

RodifiЯe naTas said...

thanx so much!!!
hahaha, the cover looks like a "crass" album!
good blog