Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Impractical Joke by SMUDGE (my favourite band)

I've seen them twice recently (well back in 2004) but probably saw them many times when I was a dumb-ass teenager and was too cool to care. Anyway I love them, they are as catchy as hell and Tom Morgan is the greatest song writer ever (see Lemonheads, The Givegoods and Sneeze).

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Pogo Lynch said...

Tim, visit "Fucking Patton" http://www.mikepatton.cl.kz/, it's a great chilean site with lots of stuffs to download, you have to login first.
Anyway, here's the direct link:
I still don't ear it yet, but the comments are pretty good, I love the original "LOVE"
Enjoy =)
PS: I'll take a look to Smudge when i stay in home, thanks!